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BMW M3 Head-to-Head circuit raceFor car and racing enthusiasts, AutoBlog put out a video of two M3 model BMWs driven by DTM drivers, going head-to-head around the circuit.

From AutoBlog:

"Roberto Ravaglia and Bruno Spengler, winners of the 1989 and 2012 championships, respectively, both showed up at the world-famous Hockenheimring with their title-winning cars. The two swapped seats, with Ravaglia taking the helm of Spengler's BMW M3 DTM racer and Spengler sliding behind the wheel of Ravaglia's first-generation M3 racer in the classic BMW Bank livery, and headed for the track. Spengler got a 23 second head start in the first-gen M3 with Ravaglia chasing behind."

(Video after the jump)

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Spotify or Pandora, which is better (infographic)Unlike the mainstream media's take that the chief competition for music streaming service, Spotify, is Apple's iTunes, music aficionados and mobile music listeners are far more frequently looking to distinguish between Spotify and Pandora. On the surface, Spotify allows you to use its service like both iTunes and Pandora; you can add songs to a queue, create playlists, and play a suggestive 'radio' for all playlists, to offer Pandora-like discovery.

Check out the infographic after the jump (courtesy of The Music Bed), for a more nuanced look at how the music subscription services stack-up.


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Bitcoin or Gold has created a compelling infographic, pairing conventional and modern currencies up head-to-head. The graphic relates the foundational, 3000 year old form of money, with the emerging digital form of money that's now 5 years old.

Ultimately, Silver Doctors concluded that "Bitcoins are certainly a very interesting development in the creation of money, especially given their decentralised nature and the fact that no ‘central bank’ is in control of their development...But in a few key areas gold still possesses crucial advantages."

To view the full infographic, follow the link to the
Silver Doctors website.

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Nvidia verse AMD HeadtoHead graphicGiven the increased expectations placed on high-speed gaming and live streaming, the demand for greater performance from graphics cards is resulting in more options for consumers. The takes a Head-to-Head look at two leading graphics cards for gaming dominance, comparing Nvidia and AMD.

The Verge article states that "AMD and Nvidia are now building hardware specifically designed for cloud gaming providers, which will eventually result in better performance for players looking to stream games on-demand from services like OnLive."

To explore further distinctions between the two graphics cards, follow the link to The Verge's graphics card comparison.

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Google Now vs Apple Siri Head-to-Head graphicIf you're using an Apple device, Siri may no longer be your only verbose virtual counterpart? At least not if Google has something to say about it.

With the launch of Google Now for the iPhone and iPad, Apple users now have options when it comes to a mobile personal assistant. SiliconBeat takes a look at the pros and cons of Google Now on Apple devices, noting that Siri "isn’t really a search’s more of a personal assistant that can search for information by using Google as well as other online resources. Google Now, meanwhile, isn’t exactly like Siri. Rather than talking, it mostly delivers information in “cards” on the screen of a mobile device."

The author recommends Apple mobile users try out Google Now for themselves, however, you should note that Google technologies, unlike Apple's hardware-paired apps, pulls information from its array of Google Services (search results, calendar entries, email content, etc.) - thus "if you book a flight and don’t have the confirmation sent to your Gmail account, Google Now may not know about it."

To read the full article, jump over to SilliconBeat.


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