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HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4The Inquirer has posted a video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One. It's not a complete review, but the video displays some initial distinctions between the two smartphones.

According to the Inquirer, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the superior option between the two. The article stated, "Samsung thinks it's threatened by HTC's latest Android flagship smartphone, thanks to its high-end curved aluminum chassis. However, it looks to outdo its HTC rival when it comes to the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which boasts a 5in HD 1080p screen, a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor."

You can view the Inquirer's post, here, or view the video after the jump.

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Amazon cloud serices vs Microsoft Windows AzureAccording to ZDNet, "Microsoft announced on April 16 that its Linux and Windows Server virtual machines (VMs) on Windows Azure are now generally available and ready for deployment." The article goes on to note that Microsoft pledged to "match Amazon Web Services on price for all "commodity" services, including compute, storage and bandwidth. As part of this pledge, Microsoft is reducing its general-availability pricing on VMs and cloud services by between 21 to 33 percent."

To read the head-to-head matchup, continue on to ZDNet's article: Amazon versus Microsoft

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Google Glass versus Baidu Eye Head-to-Head
Photo Credit: Google

It looks like Google Glass may soon face some competition. According to, "the Chinese equivalent of Google -- Baidu -- is reportedly working on its own eye-ware product...a small LCD screen -- mounted on a headset -- makes the gadget. The user will then be able to take images and make voice searches, as well as dive into facial recognition."

You can read the full article on evertiq: Baidu Eye

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Dropbox vs Google Drive Store Head-to-Head Comparison graphicBusiness Insider has posted a head-to-head review of the two current leaders in consumer cloud storage: Dropbox vs Google Drive

BI positions the two as having similar models and cost structures, "both Drive and Dropbox feature similar drag-and-drop syncing, and offer a certain amount of free storage, and then force you to pay for additional storage."

The publication determines, "it's a close call between Dropbox and Drive, but Drive ultimately comes out victorious. Drive is much cheaper than Dropbox, offers more functionality online, and supports a unique set of file types."

To read the full Head-to-Head cloud storage comparison, follow the link to
Business Insider.

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Windows Blue IE 11 versus Google Chrome Browser comparison describes the development path Windows Blue (IE11), the update to Windows 8 and Windows RT, took to match up with Google's increasingly popular alternative:

Perhaps with WebGL support in Internet Explorer 11, we may see the software giant's favorite little browser go head to head with Google's Chrome browser. While Microsoft may have thought it was a security risk to use WebGL, it seems that the company is changing its mind after seeing Chrome dominate in market share. The internet is shifting towards a more 3D and immersive experience, so having WebGL support is a do or die moment for Internet Explorer."

To read more, continue on to

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