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HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4The Inquirer has posted a video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One. It's not a complete review, but the video displays some initial distinctions between the two smartphones.

According to the Inquirer, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the superior option between the two. The article stated, "Samsung thinks it's threatened by HTC's latest Android flagship smartphone, thanks to its high-end curved aluminum chassis. However, it looks to outdo its HTC rival when it comes to the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which boasts a 5in HD 1080p screen, a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor."

You can view the Inquirer's post, here, or view the video after the jump.

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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Head-to-Head phone comparisonThe Inquirer got to play with two of the most popular smartphones at the same time, crafting a stream-of-consciousness video review comparing the Samsung Galaxy versus the Apple iPhone 5 in the process. The Inquirer ultimately felt the iPhone 5 was the prettier device, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the superior performer - in operation, response, and screen quality.

The Inquirer's Carly Page concludes, "on first impressions it's hard to call a clear winner, although the Galaxy S4's screen brightness did put the iPhone 5's display to shame, as did its smooth performance. However, the iPhone 5 is the clear winner when it comes to design, with its crisp aluminium casing outclassing the plastic chassis of the Galaxy S4."

You can view the Inquirer's Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 video review after the jump, or follow the link to the
Inquirer's post.

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