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Nvidia verse AMD HeadtoHead graphicGiven the increased expectations placed on high-speed gaming and live streaming, the demand for greater performance from graphics cards is resulting in more options for consumers. The takes a Head-to-Head look at two leading graphics cards for gaming dominance, comparing Nvidia and AMD.

The Verge article states that "AMD and Nvidia are now building hardware specifically designed for cloud gaming providers, which will eventually result in better performance for players looking to stream games on-demand from services like OnLive."

To explore further distinctions between the two graphics cards, follow the link to The Verge's graphics card comparison.

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Xbox 360 versus Sony PS3 Head-to-Head graphicTake it with a grain of salt, but for what it's worth, Business Insider looked at the Sony PS3 vs. Microsoft Xbox 360, and determined the PS3 to be the superior system for hardcore gamers.

BI concluded its gaming console head-to-head by noting:

In the end, it boils down to what you're looking for in a game console...If you're a hardcore gamer searching for a system with plenty of hard drive space, opt for the PS3...If you're looking for a family-friendly entertainment hub where you can easily make the switch between gaming and television, the Xbox 360 may be your best bet.

The full comparison can be found on Business Insider's website.

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