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Google Now vs Apple Siri Head-to-Head graphicIf you're using an Apple device, Siri may no longer be your only verbose virtual counterpart? At least not if Google has something to say about it.

With the launch of Google Now for the iPhone and iPad, Apple users now have options when it comes to a mobile personal assistant. SiliconBeat takes a look at the pros and cons of Google Now on Apple devices, noting that Siri "isn’t really a search’s more of a personal assistant that can search for information by using Google as well as other online resources. Google Now, meanwhile, isn’t exactly like Siri. Rather than talking, it mostly delivers information in “cards” on the screen of a mobile device."

The author recommends Apple mobile users try out Google Now for themselves, however, you should note that Google technologies, unlike Apple's hardware-paired apps, pulls information from its array of Google Services (search results, calendar entries, email content, etc.) - thus "if you book a flight and don’t have the confirmation sent to your Gmail account, Google Now may not know about it."

To read the full article, jump over to SilliconBeat.


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Google Glass versus Baidu Eye Head-to-Head
Photo Credit: Google

It looks like Google Glass may soon face some competition. According to, "the Chinese equivalent of Google -- Baidu -- is reportedly working on its own eye-ware product...a small LCD screen -- mounted on a headset -- makes the gadget. The user will then be able to take images and make voice searches, as well as dive into facial recognition."

You can read the full article on evertiq: Baidu Eye

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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Head-to-Head phone comparisonThe Inquirer got to play with two of the most popular smartphones at the same time, crafting a stream-of-consciousness video review comparing the Samsung Galaxy versus the Apple iPhone 5 in the process. The Inquirer ultimately felt the iPhone 5 was the prettier device, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the superior performer - in operation, response, and screen quality.

The Inquirer's Carly Page concludes, "on first impressions it's hard to call a clear winner, although the Galaxy S4's screen brightness did put the iPhone 5's display to shame, as did its smooth performance. However, the iPhone 5 is the clear winner when it comes to design, with its crisp aluminium casing outclassing the plastic chassis of the Galaxy S4."

You can view the Inquirer's Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 video review after the jump, or follow the link to the
Inquirer's post.

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Macbook Pro compared to Google Chromebook Pixel Head-to-HeadThe AP has disseminated a cursory matchup of Google's new high-end laptop carrying its Chrome OS operating system, the Chromebook Pixel, against Apple's stalwart Macbook Pro.

The base price of the Chromebook Pixel is $1,299, with an LTE cellular network upgrade that boosts the price to $1,449 - just $50 below the $1,499 MacBook Pro from Apple.

Competitively priced, Google is banking on the Chromebook Pixel's performance and nominal spec advantage to outduel the strength and brand attraction of Apple's laptop line.

Follow the link for a spec-level laptop comparison from the AP (via Yahoo! News)

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