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posted on Aug 3, 2011 at 11:07PM

Grill Comparison: Weber Genesis E-330 vs. Napoleon Prestige I Series Head-to-Head Gas BBQ Review

The Matchup

By Delialah Falcon

gas bbq reviews weber genesis vs the napoleon prestige in direct grill comparison

When summer comes around, homeowners know that it is time to fire up the trusty grill once again. Grilling outdoors is a great way to impart natural flavors on to the foods you eat. Food that is grilled doesn't absorb flavors from a dirty oven and is able to maintain its natural taste with high heat flavor preservation. Grilling is also a fun, American way to enjoy the company of friends and family, and the outdoors. When people gather around a grill to breathe in the intoxicating aroma, memories are made and fellowship ensues. 

Choosing the right high-performance grill comes down to a balance of power, cooking area, surface material, and of course, cost. Two impressive grills near the top of the sub-$1,000 category are the Napoleon Prestige I Series and the Weber Genesis E-330.

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