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posted on Dec 8, 2011 at 1:36PM

Shopping Comparison: B&H Photo vs. Adorama Head-to-Head Review

Customer Service

By Delialah Falcon

H2H ROUND-4: Customer Service

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Because both of these stores were founded on strong principles and were also founded with the intention of providing a helpful and useful resource to young photographic artists in New York, the quality of customer service offered by B&H and Adorama is superb. Adorama's helpful online tutorials, however, can be considered an added branch of customer service which strives to serve customers through education and not just the provision of useful products.

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2 Comments So Far …

  1. Henry Posner Henry Posner says:
    "B&H takes the cake with a more diverse vast collection of electronic products and brands as well as its more user-friendly website." Thank you. This is very gratifying and much appreciated. -- Henry Posner B&H Photo-Video

  2. Chris Chris says:
    Bh always takes their sweet time shipping whereas adorama ships same day and sometimes even has it at my door the next day. Adorama is way better

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